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Better than plain water

Once upon a time, a crow wanted to make themselves some beer. They tossed a grain of barley into the river, drank the water and praised it:
"Still better than plain water!"


Estonian folk tale "Crow’s Beer"


Our food produce wholesale business is driven by highly experienced team, who strongly believe in high quality products and personal approach towards each customer.

In order for us to offer best ingredients, we work with producers that operate to the same standards that we do - with a high consideration for food safety, quality assurance, respect to human rights and have strong environmental standards. Our wide assortment includes frozen and chilled products, with a high focus on meat, dairy, seafood, bakery, fruit and vegetables, and convenience food.

We value stable, long-term relationships, therefore, are proud of cooperation with over 1000 loyal partners.

Join us today!

Foodexpert contributes to the following charities:

Estonian Food Bank; Jazz Symphony; Viimsi Charity Ball; various charity projects in collaboration with restaurant Umami;
supportive cooperation with Estonian Chefs Association




Every day we look for new opportunities and solutions to keep our customers happy!


We work hard and take great responsibility to make sure that ordered goods arrive at the right place and on time.


We offer deliveries in Estonia, Baltics and Scandinavian countries.


The team supports its members and vice versa; we offer long-term cooperation opportunities to our customers.

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Recepies are rarely simple.

We will help you with the most complicated ones!

With great advice and the best ingredients.

Take a look at our product range



Shoulder, ribs, collar, shank, belly, tenderloin, striploin


Shoulder, entrecote, neck, hindquarter muscles,
tenderloin, striploin, offals, trimmings, cheek meat, steaks, veal


Leg, thigh, wing, fillet, thigh meat, offal, corn fed chicken, quail

Lamb, mutton & game

Neck, frenched rack, shank, chump,
tenderloin, backstrap, leg, wild boar, roe deer, red deer, elk

Meat products

burgers, meatballs, cutlets, carpaccio, minced meat, cooked and roasted meat, diced meat, goulash,
meat skewers, marinated meat, pizza toppings, portion steaks, ham, smoked and crispy bacon, sausages and salami

Fish & seafood

Trout, hake, crayfish, octopus, squid, mussels, pike perch, shrimps,
flounder, salmon, marlin, halibut, pangasius, baltic herring, whitefish, tilapia, cod, butterfish

Vegetables & berries

Pineapple, buckthorn, avocado, broccoli, french fries/chips, peas, cranberry, cherry, vegetable mix, garlic,
strawberry, corn, mango, blueberry, bean, soybean, pepper, pear, plum, rhubarb, onion, spinach, raspberry


Edam, estonian cheese, feta, gouda, ice-cream, goat cheese,
kitchen cream (lactose free), maasdam, mozzarella, parma, red cheddar, cream cheese, butter

Bakery products

Ciabatta, croissant, fondant, hamburger buns, cakes, muffin, pancakes, pies, pita, tortilla

Other products

Demi-glace, ketchup, canned products, wine, dry products (pasta, bulgur, couscous, quinoa),
baking paper and serviettes, spices and herbs, mayonnaise, egg products, oil, mustard, tea

The goods are delivered from the cold storage unit of VKL Expert at Vedru 4, Tallinn.

For deliveries, our logistics partners:

  • VKL Expert – Tallinn and Harjumaa

  • Esttrans – countrywide transport


Storage and deliveries are carried out at the required conditions, at a temperature of -18°C or 2°C to 6°C.
Deliveries are made to Tallinn on every working day and Saturday; countrywide deliveries are made according to the delivery schedules of our logistics partner.

Our sales assistants are ready to help you submit an order

  • Evelin – phone +372 5691 0051

  • Teele – phone +372 5563 3330

  • Tiina – phone +372 5625 1480


The order should be placed by 3PM. the latest a day before the delivery, either with your account manager or by contacting a sales assistant:



Thank you for your order!

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